Blaze King Princess 29 Wood Insert w/ Fan

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Product Description

Princess 29 Wood Insert w/ Fan

Large Wood Insert It is important to choose the correct stove size to heat your home. At 2.6 cu.ft., the Princess Insert has a larger sized firebox and is capable of heating 800 to 2,300 sq.ft.*.

A Deeper Firebox There is a 6" drop from the lower edge of the door opening to the bottom of the firebox which allows the Princess to hold up to 53 lbs. of wood. Blaze King’s deep fireboxes better contain large loads of wood and also minimize the need for frequent ash removal.

Performance The Princess is all about performance; the steel firebox extends 11" outward from your fireplace onto the hearth which allows more heat to be radiated into your room. This also allows the Princess to fit into smaller fireplace openings.

43,000 BTU's (Cord Wood Max BTU)
up to 29 hours Burn Time on Low
75.4% Efficiency (EPA approved)
(grams/hour) 1.26 g Emissions Rate (EPA approved)