Cowboy Cauldron Pigtail

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Pigtails are a fabulous alternative to floppy spatulas and skinny little BBQ forks. A pigtail flips meat quickly without tearing, and without creating a hole big enough to lose precious interior juices. Hand-wrought by our blacksmith, our pigtail is strong enough to lift anything you can put on a cast iron Cauldron — which is saying a lot! It is also beautiful, a work of art in its own right. The point is hand-hammered and bent around an anvil, then the handle is wrapped into a functional an utilitarian grip that will never crack or burn, like wooden ones do. Precisely the right length to quickly and efficiently flip anything on a cast iron Cauldron without needing a glove.

 Pigtails are versatile, as well! Use them to move coals, push logs around, threaten the neighbors, or OPEN YOUR BEER!!! Our blacksmith came up with this notion. Simple, elegant and effective. We insist that he open at least one beverage of his choice with each piece, just to make sure they work. We’re pretty sure that we aren’t making any improvements in efficiency with this policy, but our blacksmith is happy, and making people happy is what we are all about.