Lexington Hearth Cabin Pine Mantel

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Product Description


The Cabin Pine mantel is molded directly from a 6” x 6” timber and perfectly captures the unique characteristics of this piece of history. Features include, multi-level splits, unique conversion that transitions from a squared surface to a pole wane, fastener artifact damage, insect damage, deep checking, knots, and saw marks.

The Weathered Grey finish is nature’s seasoning of untreated wood that is exposed to the elements. Pale bluish-grey base with patches of honey tones, charcoal grey shadows, and finished with hints of pale green and cream highlights.

The Pale Honey finish is reminiscent of the pale golden color of bourbon after a few years aging in a charred oak barrel. Light brown base color with light honey mid-tones, pale grey shadows, and finished with cream highlights.

The rich Maduro finish is like a dark wrapper on a fine cigar. A gorgeous combination of dark mahogany base color, brown mid-tones, and finished with subtle honey and cream highlights.

· Intricate details on all exposed edges
· Retains the natural beauty of wood - without the splinters
· Non-combustible cast concrete mix
· Includes mounting bracket and fasteners
· Available in 5’ or 6’ lengths
· Individually hand-painted
· Made in USA



Benefits of Non-combustible mantels:

• Patented BurncreteTM casting material passed the ASTM E136 standard for non-combustibility
• Can be installed closer to fireplace openings than combustible materials
• Air-gap construction reduces weight and minimizes heat transfer to the top of the mantel
• Protects televisions and decorations from heat and allows a lower viewing angle
• Authentic natural wood appearance with the safety of non-combustible materials
• Non-toxic paint and casting materials will not release unpleasant aroma when heated



Lexington Hearth products are manufactured in Lexington Kentucky. Our mantels are created from molds directly obtained from locally-sourced reclaimed lumber and stone quarries.

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