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**While Supplies Last, Stock Not Guaranteed**

Service & Warranty

Thank you for your interest in submitting a request for service or warranty work!


We have now transitioned our valued customers to a new method of providing in-home service: The BHF Fireplace Care Plan. This plan brings valuable benefits to you including the following every 12 months:


-1 in-home annual maintenance/cleaning
-1 in-home service/trouble call (with a guarantee to respond within a specific number of days after a breakdown)
-Discounts on store items, parts, and additional in-home service


Every year when fall sets in and temperatures begin to drop, it isn’t unusual for us to receive up to 100 requests per week. With that kind of demand it can be difficult for everyone to get quality service within a convenient timeframe. Joining our BHF Fireplace Care Plan will eliminate this problem and guarantee that you receive service when you need it. Service & Warranty work will now be limited to customers enrolled in a Fireplace Care Plan or customers who have purchased fireplaces from us within the last 12 months.


Click HERE to purchase a Fireplace Care Plan.


If you've already purchased a Fireplace Care Plan, click HERE to submit a service/warranty request. You will be required to login with your account before accessing our request center.